Top 50 Mortgage Social Media Posts

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As a mortgage loan originator, it can sometimes be challenging to consistently come up with new and relevant content for your social media channels. We have compiled the top 50 best examples, along with a few tips, to help you find inspiration for your mortgage social media posts.

Table of Contents:
How Do You Attract Mortgage Clients?
How Do Mortgage Loan Originators Use Social Media?
How to Know What to Post on Social Media as a Mortgage Loan Originator?
Mortgage Social Media Post Tips for Loan Originators
Best Mortgage Social Media Accounts to Follow
Top 50 Mortgage Social Media Post Examples

How Do You Attract Mortgage Clients?

The best way to attract mortgage clients is through building your referral partner network, word of mouth referrals from past clients, and of course through social media and online marketing.

Building a presence online through mortgage social media posts will help attract your ideal clients as well as provide social proof for those being referred to your mortgage business.

How Do Mortgage Loan Originators Use Social Media?

The mortgage business is no different than any other when it comes to social media. Top producing LOs know that using social media to connect and engage with their referral partners and past/future clients is a key element to long-term success.

Some suggestions for posts that provide value and will generate engagement are: posting relevant and timely mortgage industry news, featuring stories about successful transactions with clients, sharing your 5-star reviews, promoting referral partners, and spotlighting local businesses and community events.

How Do Mortgage Loan Originators Use Social Media?

How to Know What to Post on Social Media as a Mortgage Loan Originator?

Information related to your community and the specific niche that you are working to serve are the best social media posts for mortgage loan originators.

There are plenty of great mortgage-related social media posts, especially if you can get creative about social media use for your business. Follow other successful mortgage loan originators to get an idea of what to post on your mortgage social media account.

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Mortgage Social Media Post Tips for Loan Originators

Here are a few key tips for LOs to follow when creating their mortgage social media posts:

  • Keep in mind you will be followed by both referral partners AND clients, so make sure to create posts that cater to both audiences.
  • Keep your mortgage social media posts fun and lighthearted, when possible. No one wants to follow an incredibly serious account on social media.
  • Make your mortgage posts informational (i.e., provide up-to-date information on mortgage rates and industry trends that affect homebuying).
  • Use Instagram reels – these provide the most engagement and reach!
  • Target your niche. Do you cater to first-time home buyers? Veterans? Have a strong presence in your niche by creating relevant mortgage social media posts.
  • Post consistently. Set up a content calendar to stay consistent.
  • Always add a location tag to your mortgage social media posts.
  • Add a couple of relevant #hashtags to your caption.
  • Remember that you don’t have to ONLY post information related to mortgage/real estate. Throw in some funny or personal posts too. People like to feel they can relate and connect with who they follow.

Last tip: Don’t be upset if you don’t get a lot of engagement, especially in the beginning. Engagement (comments, likes, and messages) is obviously one goal of social media, but another goal is social proof.

In other words, if someone is referred to your business (especially younger generations) they will likely search your business across the internet and “research” your mortgage company on social media. They will be looking to see if you are active online and posting engaging, relevant information.

What potential clients learn from your social media accounts will influence their decision to work with you – even if they might not follow you!

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Best Mortgage Social Media Accounts to Follow

Whether you want inspiration for unique loan originator social media posts or information on mortgage industry trends, these are a few of the best mortgage social media accounts you should be following on Instagram.

  • @mbshighway
  • @suemeitner
  • @themortgagenerd
  • @deborahbyrd
  • @jeremyforcier
  • @loanladyliz
  • @kellyzitlowgroup
  • @mortgagemarketingexpert
  • @mplsmademortgage
  • @mortgagechicks
  • @danwhiteloans
  • @mortgagelife_shantbanosian
  • @phillymortgagegirl
  • @keepingcurrentmatters (real estate industry insights)

Make sure to follow local mortgage and real estate agents in your market. It is important to know what your competition is doing in addition to making connections with the important players in your market.

Top 50 Mortgage Social Media Post Examples

There is no right or wrong way to post on your mortgage account, so long as you are connecting with and speaking to your audience.

Below are 50 mortgage social media post examples from myself or my top-producing Mortgage Mastermind Elite clients to give you some inspiration and direction for your own social media account.

1. Share home buying tips or tips that are relevant to your followers.

home buying tips
Credit: @danwhiteloans

2. Share mortgage industry news and updates.

3. Share statistics on current mortgage interest rates.

4. Share statistics from home buyers or on home buyer trends.

Credit: @suemeitner
Credit: @suemeitner

5. Share first-time home buyer success stories.

6. Highlight local business owners. Share their events and promotions or interview them.

7. Share happy moments of people moving into their new home.

Credit: @carolthecloser
Credit: @carolthecloser

8. Interview past clients about how they have renovated or designed their new home.

9. Post a congratulations to clients on closing.

Credit: @mplsmademortgage
Credit: @mplsmademortgage

10. Share your realtor referral partners’ listings.

11. Highlight events and interesting things going on in your community.

Credit: @thekimhendryteam
Credit: @thekimhendryteam

12. Host community events and use social media posts to promote them.

13. Host networking events and use social media to promote.

14. Share wins from your team.

Credit: @traviswrightsc
Credit: @traviswrightsc

15. Share when your company and/or team is mentioned in the news.

16. Use Instagram stories to take votes or polls. These can be fun! 

17. Introduce your team members.

Credit: @thekimhendryteam

18. Share (relevant for social media) inside office humor and jokes.

19. Share awards you and/or your team receive.

Credit: @danwhiteloans
Credit: @danwhiteloans

20. Go live and record an office tour.

21. Announce changes, such as if your office moves locations.

22. Share 5-star client testimonials.


23. Share testimonials about and from your referral partners.

24. Share what loan products and tools you use to help your clients.

25. Define and explain mortgage terms. This could be a good weekly series.

26. Share news and updates from your company.

27. Use social media to host free giveaways or raffles. Have people engage with your mortgage account to enter by commenting and/or sharing the post.

28. Share your blog posts or YouTube videos across your other social media platforms.

Cindy Strategy

29. Post when you have job openings.

30. Post about your offline marketing efforts such as someone holding your postcard or using your branded gift items.

31. Announce and promote webinars and live social events.

32. Announce new projects and guides and where your audience can find them.

33. Post for holidays.

34. Share content ideas for your referral partners.


35. Share from behind the scenes during events or even just a typical “day in the life.”

36. Share tips from the mortgage tools you use.

social media

37. Share personal, emotion-evoking, or funny moments that your audience can relate to.

38. Post relevant industry-related memes and jokes.

39. Share your goals and your “why” for being in the mortgage business.

40. Share what books you’re reading or podcasts you’re listening to.

41. Post Instagram reels to popular songs about funny, educational, or relevant mortgage situations.

Credit: @suemeitner

42. Show appreciation to your clients.

43. Ask for referrals and 5-star reviews.

44. Answer frequently asked questions.

45. Remind your audience of your services and how you can help them.

Credit: @suemeitner

46. Share fun facts about local history or businesses.

47. Share quotes and motivational images that reflect your values.

48. Ask your audience what their goals are.

Credit: @mplsmademortgage

49. Remind people why buying a home can benefit them.

50. Teach your audience how they can save money through homebuying.

Credit: @loanladyliz

We hope these mortgage social media posts give you a few great ideas for what to post for your business. Above all else, remember that what people want is authenticity, valuable and engaging content, and timely information to help solve their problems.

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