Life Development

Have you reached success but feel like there should be more? Have you always known the next move to make—in your career and in your personal life—but now feel unsure about the best next steps?

When you’ve been a high performer for your entire life, the path forward can seem unclear when you don’t have an obvious next goal in mind. I will give you the clarity you need.

I'm not a life coach, but I will help you transform yours. My support—through content, programs, speaking and coaching—will empower you to change the way you look at yourself and put the ability to choose back in your hands. Gone are the days of chasing dreams. Through our work, I will ensure that you are making intentional choices that help you achieve your higher mission.


You think you know what success looks like for you. But you’re not 100% sure and you’d like help getting there.
  • This online course will help you to expand your vision and move through the fears and roadblocks that prevent you from achieving your greatest potential.
  • It will help you become even more focused and intentional with the choices you make for your life, leading to total success. Through my personal success system, I will help you develop a plan and enact a strategy that will help you to build your life by design.
My Chaos to Clarity online program will help you manage your time and increase your productivity. 
  • This program, composed of tried-and-true practices, that I’ve researched and implemented in my own life, is designed for high performers who want the most out of every facet of their lives.
  • It will provide you with strategies and tactics to gain clarity around your priorities and architect a plan that allows you to choose fulfillment every time.
Are you hitting a roadblock in your career, and you’re not sure how to get back on a path to success?
  • This guide is designed to give you quick tips and simple solutions to help you redefine your life. These strategies will help you to make powerful, intentional choices that remove the blocks to success in your life.
  • Gone are the days of feeling helpless or uncertain, the 7 Instant Skills will provide you with the tools to bring decisiveness and clarity into your life.
You’ve achieved your goals as a top-performing broker and leader.
  • But you know there’s more out there. I can help you. If you’re looking to completely transform not only your business, but your life, through a serious commitment to developing yourself as both a leader and a person, 1:1 coaching is for you.
  • As your personal coach, I will work with you to map out a strategy for achieving your goals through my signature Total Success Blueprint as we identify the ways in which you can expand in all areas of your life.
Your team is strong, but you want to give them that extra push to become truly excellent.
  • Ready to take your organization's culture to the next level? Looking for a way to empower your team members in all stages of their career?
  • From speaking to workshops to corporate trainings, I can offer you and your team expert insight on transforming perspectives, finding fulfillment and tapping into your higher power.

Get Cindy’s "2024 Success Checklist for Mortgage Loan Originators" and start building the successful business you deserve and desire!

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