When you work with me, your business isn’t the only thing that expands.

Your life does, too. Hi, I'm Cindy Ertman, CEO and Founder of The Defining Difference. My expertise as one of the nation’s Top 100 Mortgage Executives, and as one of the Top 100 Originators in the U.S. for over a decade, will help you grow your business, but my insight as a coach will transform your life well beyond your business. I will help you become the best possible leader, in every facet of your life, that you can be. I derive my coaching techniques from the intersection of a heart-centered approach to life, and a relationship-based approach to business. I believe in the power of warmth and authenticity, particularly when they are grounded in practicality.

My coaching style comes down to one defining difference: success is a choice. In fact, it’s your choice.

It’s knowing that you can turn to yourself, time and time again. And when you lose your way, I’m here to guide you with my signature problem-solving skills, that will help you transform your life from the inside out. Regardless of industry, circumstance, title, hopes or dreams—I can empower you to choose the life you want.


I coach because I believe the greatest investment we can ever make is the investment we make in ourselves. My greatest asset as a mentor are my learnings from my own journey as a high achiever, who has dealt with disconnect, burnout and losing sight of my purpose. I help clients bridge the gap between what they want and what they need. I teach by example that success is not limited to your career. Personal and professional happiness are intrinsically connected, and when you take the time to thoughtfully cultivate one, the other follows. Whichever you’re looking to start with, I am ready to begin the transformation with you.

Get Cindy’s "2024 Success Checklist for Mortgage Loan Originators" and start building the successful business you deserve and desire!

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