I will help you do the same.

My mission is to foster a heart-centered community of professionals based on trust, connection, growth and joy. I teach people how to understand and master the power of intentional choice to transform their current reality and design a life of greater purpose and meaning.

I believe we need to take a chance, live on purpose, make a difference, and take deliberate risk for the sake of our own growth.

I act as a mirror for my clients. The most important tool I provide is that of self-recognition. I am able to identify your unique powers and ensure that you are able to clearly see, hone and use them. It is my vision to create a community of heart-centered leaders who are committed to generously contributing their greatness to the world. I help people define their purpose, create a life connected to it, and empower them to LIVE ON PURPOSE.


I’ll never forget walking into one of the MME groups for the first time. Every single person was raving about how their lives changed forever. How Cindy has a special gift. How their production massively increased. How they found balance. I mean all of them had a story to share! I was blown away. Cindy, this event is special. I am so happy you are launching another one because that means more lives will be changed. Your guidance and counsel have been invaluable to me and I will always be grateful for that.

RENE RODRIGUEZ | Keynote Speaker & CEO of Volentum

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