Why Hiring the Right Coach Can Transform Your Business and Your Life

Why Hiring the Right Coach Can Transform Your Business and Your Life

While you may be thinking to yourself that you have your “life” and “career” dialed in and under control, having a coach can frequently help you see possibilities that you may not see for yourself.  If you can think back to your childhood sports days, it was your coaches that helped you succeed and learn new skills to improve your game. Likewise, a coach can help elevate your thinking and help you see new opportunities for success in your life and your business. No matter where you are in your career, whether you are just starting out or are already at the top of your game, coaching will help you take your business to a new level. All top-tier professional athletes rely on their coaches to get to the next level and understand that the accountability a coach can provide helps them take their game to new and exciting levels of success.



Business coaches are experts that use their years of success experience to help their clients develop new ways of approaching their business, and ultimately clarify the path to achieving their professional and personal goals.  Most high-level business executives have a coach to provide guidance and to provide a filter for decision making.  A coach helps you strategize solutions to business challenges, helps you stay focused and intentional in your actions, and helps you make bolder choices to elevate your success. As you climb the corporate or entrepreneurial ladder of success, it can become a lonely place, with little leadership to guide you. With a coach, even the most successful business leaders gain clarity on their future growth, help mitigate risk, and promote a strong and healthy culture for expansion. A coach becomes a valuable asset, a trusted advisor, and an independent business mentor/partner to help you see your business through a broader lens.



Business coaching varies by coach and will look different based on your needs. Most often, business coaching entails private 1-to-1 coaching, group coaching sessions, or a combination thereof. Most coaches will provide tools and resources such as exercises and planning documents to help you identify what is most important to you and give you guides to help you get clear on your future goals.  They provide accountability, actionable plans to help you bring your goals to reality and tangible ways to measure your success. Coaches are your biggest cheerleaders for success and will be by your side to guide you through challenges, strategize creative solutions and provide a safe and confidential space to address even your most personal difficulties.



  1. IDENTIFY your blind spots and avoid growth pitfalls.
    It is hard to see your business from an outsider’s perspective when you are engrossed in it every day. This is where it is helpful to have a coach take a fresh look at your business and point out the areas you may be overlooking or are too busy to notice. A coach is able to warn you when you are heading towards a growth pitfall, and instead steer you towards the correct path.
  3. SUCCESS leaves clues. Learn from someone who has already created success.
    If you follow the trail of someone who is successful, you will learn what to implement in your own practices. To have someone successful committed to teaching you exactly what to do is indescribably valuable. Find a coach who has achieved what you desire, in both business and personal life. They will be the best coach to assist you in creating a well-balanced life. For an example, read “How My Female Mentor Inspired Me”.
  5. OVERCOME your greatest fears and the challenges that keep you blocked.
    Coaches not only have personal experience, but they support you in implementing exercises and training materials to overcome common challenges. They will identify your fear and give you strategies to overcome them. Practice, support, and a push to jump new hurdles will help you overcome any fears that are holding you back.
  7. MAKE bolder choices than you would make for yourself and take decisive action.
    It can often be frightening to take that leap of faith to the next big step on your own. A coach acts as a pseudo safety net in this regard. They have likely been exactly where you are and can give you the best advice, and actionable direction, to make the leap successfully. Often an outside push to make a decision you wouldn’t necessarily make on your own will ultimately propel your business forward.
  9. RECEIVE unwavering support; a coach’s goal is to see you succeed.
    Your coaching environment will become your safe space – a place to share your authentic self, your greatest successes, and your biggest fears. Having a coach creates accountability; they expect you to follow through with their trainings and meet your goals. Beyond just the one coach, you will tap into their network and years of cultivated resources. If you are being coached in a group setting, you get the unrivaled insight and expertise of your peers who are experiencing and dealing with the same challenges you are. Additionally, often top coaches will have mastermind groups (such as Mortgage Mastermind Elite) that allow you to receive advice from other top producers.
  11. GUIDANCE to get unstuck and out of your own way.
    If you have been at the same production level or have goals in mind that you can’t seem to reach, a coach can help you get “unstuck”. Sometimes we hold ourselves back without realizing it, or there is a roadblock we can’t see because it is too close to us. A coach can give you the tools and training to identify and move past these obstacles and learn how to avoid them on your own in the future.
  13. CREATE a clear vision for your future and cultivate personal awareness.
    Ultimately a coach will allow you to create a successful vision and roadmap to the future that you truly desire. Developing a plan for success, along with opening your mind to new approaches and positive self-criticism, allows you to increase necessary personal awareness. Self-awareness is vital for top performers to master, and there is no shortcut to the hard work it takes to achieve.


One of the greatest joys of coaching is observing the powerful transformational changes that occur in each individual over time. Tom, for example, came to me after being in the mortgage business for 42 years. He was stuck at $40 million in his mortgage production and not able to get past it. He knew he had greater capacity and the desire to grow, but had never hired a coach before. After just one year in my Mortgage Mastermind Elite coaching group, we were able to help Tom gain clarity on the type of support he needed to keep him focused on income and relational activities to fuel his growth. With the right support, Tom was able to increase his production from $40 million to $58 million in just one year. Thankfully, Tom is someone who strives to constantly challenge himself and is committed to constant growth, so he has not increased his team again this year and reached an incredible 125 million in production, serving approximately 535 families. He got very intentional about the way he leads his business and his life, he made bold choices for growth and focused on the right activities to fuel his success.


Another incredible woman, Michele, has been coaching with me for 7 years. She hired me, not just to grow her business, but with the intention of becoming a stronger leader. Her growth and success have truly been profound. Though her focus was to become a more impactful leader, her business has grown exponentially as well.  Michele has grown from $80 million in mortgage production, to $130 million, to an astounding $175 million in personal production this year! She has built an incredible team of like-minded individuals committed to their shared vision and I could not be prouder of her success. 



Finding the right coach will propel you to stay on track and to take the action needed to reach your most audacious goals. They will give you to tools to focus and identify your greatest gifts. Keep in mind that a coach will only help you as much as you are willing to help yourself. If you are passionate and committed to expanding your life and your business, and driven to succeed, then a coach is perfect for you! I believe that the best investment you can ever make is the one you make in yourself. If you are eager to get started now, read “5 Steps to Elevate Your Business in Uncertain Times”. If you are interested in exploring coaching opportunities with The Defining Difference, please click here to schedule your complimentary coaching strategy call. Or contact our team with questions: info@CindyErtman.com. We are committed to help you reach your true potential and to find the success you deserve and desire!

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