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10 Must-Know Social Media Trends for Mortgage Pros

In today’s virtual environment, having a strong online social media presence is essential to operating a successful mortgage business. How you present yourself online is a key component to elevating your brand and establishing your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Your social media presence communicates a multitude of information to your potential clients, often before ever meeting them in person. Social media can be a great tool for attracting new clients, keeping your current clients engaged, and staying relevant in your field. The right social media strategy can help your clients and referral partners understand the unique value proposition that you and your company offer and ultimately help you secure lifelong, trusted relationships.


If social media is daunting to you, just remember that what people want is authenticity, valuable and engaging content, and timely information to help solve their problems. As the digital marketing world continues to evolve, keeping on top of trends is an essential factor to remaining relevant and top of mind.


Whether you are a social media marketing wiz, or struggling to gain a following on your platforms, here are 10 trends and tips to watch for in 2021.



Livestreaming has been one of the most popular social media trends, and it will remain popular. Especially with everyone at home more often, it is a way of feeling like you are socializing and part of a community that is actively engaging at the same time. According to Facebook, live video viewings spiked by 50% on Facebook and 70% on Instagram in 2020. Just about every platform offers a livestreaming option now, take advantage of it!


People love learning about what goes on behind the scenes. Pop onto a live stream to share something about your day-to-day life, such as your morning routine. Sharing stellar tips and valuable information is a good way to motivate people to monitor your page to catch when you go live. There is a wide range of topics to choose from, such as trends in your industry, have a Realtor give a house tour, or spotlight local businesses. Consider inviting a friend or special guest to do a Q&A.


If you’re ready to try your first livestream… check out these 20 tips for live video streaming.



Paying for ads on social media is an easy way to get your company and message in front of new eyes. It can be pricey, so understanding the best and most effective strategies for social media ads is key.


“More than half of all businesses (60%) are planning to increase their Instagram budget, and almost half are planning to do the same for Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Notably, for all the hype of TikTok, it has not increased in importance in the investment stack. “ HootSuite


For a comprehensive guide on types of ads, how to place ads, and the details around effective ad campaigns, click here.



While paid social media ads can be highly effective, they can also be very costly. If you do not have the budget for paid advertising, focus instead on your inbound marketing and attracting your customers through building SEO via blogging, email campaigns, and organic social media posts.


Pinterest and Twitter are great platforms that don’t require a budget of any kind. Pinterest allows you to share relevant content and graphics in a visually engaging way. Try using standout infographics to explain the loan process or a heartwarming image of the first-time homebuyers you just helped purchase their dream home. Suggested Twitter posts include a mix of informational posts and relevant news and events. Consider tweeting about open houses or local community events.


Here are some ideas: Mortgage Tips on Pinterest or #mortgage on Twitter



Consumers on social media are gravitating towards more intimate, “niche” communities that align with their interests. Consider creating a Facebook group to foster a sense of community. Try creating a group to invite local realtors and local businesses to network and promote each other. Or create a group to help first-time home buyers.


Encourage your group members to ask questions and help each other. Post polls and surveys to get your members engaged. You will create a sense of community while building relationships and learning more about the needs of your potential clients.



Embrace Instagram Reels! While they are similar to TikTok, Instagram is still seen as more influential. These quick, fun videos can be used as educational video marketing. Watch other reels on Instagram to get an idea of what is popular. Use music, captions, and effects to get creative and think outside of the box! Reels are meant to be informal and entertain your audience, while offering value.


Read more about Instagram Reels and how to create them here.



Stories will remain a popular feature on Instagram, and they are becoming popular on many other platforms as well. They are different from a post in that they only last 24 hours, but you can still see who watches your stories, and people can react to or comment on them.


Stories are a great way to increase engagement as you can add in polls, questions, quizzes, countdowns, and more. They are also a fantastic way to shine a light on your unique gifts and to establish a rapport with your audience by allowing them to get to know you as a person. Videos are popular on stories because people do not tend to click through them as quickly. Stories are a great way to get creative in reaching your audience every day.


Instagram Story ideas for engagement.



Search engine optimization and a focus on image alt-text and sitemaps are going to be more important than ever. Not only does optimizing your photos for search engines help your discoverability, but the technology is improving for people to search through images, or with their voice. More sites are finding ways for consumers to snap a picture and find information on it.


For example, a consumer could see a house for sale, snap a picture of it, and find information on the listing and local mortgage lenders. What this means for you is that every image should integrate keywords into the title and description as well as include alternative text. The easier you make it for Google to know what you are posting, or what is on your site, the better you will rank in search results.


To learn more on optimizing for visual search: click here.



After the tumultuous year we have had, both politically and socially, consumers are prioritizing companies that have a purpose-driven mission. Consumers want to feel like their values are in line with their purchase decisions, which is why having a clear company “voice” is important. Focus on transparency and genuine connection with your audience. As I like to remind my clients, we are in the relationship-building business. People want more than just a mortgage, they want a genuine connection with someone they trust to help them secure the house and the life of their dreams.



Content value on social media is far more important than the quality, but with the influx of postings and accounts, you need quality to stand out from the crowd. Crisp photos, clear graphics, and well-edited videos will bring your business to the next level. The last thing you want is for a blurry image or hard-to-understand video to detract from your message. Consider upgrading your camera, purchasing more lights or a better microphone.


Here are some tips to help you improve the quality of your videos.



Your main focus on social media should be creating content that your audience wants to save and share. Social platforms are making it easier to save and categorize content to refer back to. This is especially important if you are utilizing platforms such as Pinterest that are built around the idea of saving content.


Make your posts informational, clear, and relevant. With each photo and video, you should consider what your audience is gaining from your post. Are they learning something new and valuable? You should aim for ~4 value ads for every self-promotion.






You have probably heard some buzz by now about a new social media platform called Clubhouse. It is currently in an early phase and is invite-only, which adds to the intrigue. Clubhouse is an audio-only platform, but it differs from podcasts in that you can join live “rooms” of different speakers. The speakers can invite people on stage to speak with them, and rooms can be up to 5,000 people.


What is exciting about this platform is that the rooms are live, and any mix of people could show up – including celebrities and industry leaders. The app seemed to boom overnight, and it is certainly one to keep an eye on. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if you want to try it out.



  • There is a secrecy and intimacy around the platform right now, making it highly intriguing.
  • Each room has the potential to attract a very mixed stage of speakers, bringing fresh perspectives from different industries.
  • Audio-only offers more flexibility for people who are not fond of video.
  • With people bored at home during the pandemic, it is great for entertainment.



  • While it is great during the pandemic, some question its long-term potential.
  • The live aspect makes it difficult for busy people to listen in.
  • So far there is no way for people to find your content after the event, which is a problem for marketing and discoverability.
  • While the difficulty of getting an invite to the platform increases interest, it is not great for being able to scale and attract an unlimited audience.
  • It can be frustrating to have attendees join late and have to answer the same questions for new participants.


Social media trends are always changing and evolving and it can be tricky to keep up with the best ways to promote your business online. Keeping a constant eye on trends is key to maximizing the potential of your social channels. Remember that your audience ultimately needs to find your content valuable and engaging if you are to keep their attention and convert them into clients.


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