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5 Steps to Elevate Your Business in Uncertain Times

Adversity forces us to go deeper to awaken to the deeper dimension of who we are. It gives us the opportunity to become a stronger, better version of ourselves.” 

~ Eckhardt Tolle

As we know from history, through every adversity, comes immense opportunity. These unprecedented times have the potential to challenge our inner fortitude and threaten our optimism for the future. However, I believe that this time also presents a chance for us to overcome limitations that have been preventing us from realizing our goals and living the life that we truly desire. 

Here are 5 steps to take now to help you navigate these uncertain times and elevate your business to the next level.

Step 1: Master your mortgage mindset

The average person has about 60,000 thoughts per day, of which 80% are negative and 95% are the same repetitive thoughts as the day before. We are so accustomed to having stress in our lives that we don’t even feel it…until it leaks out in the form of habit-control problems.

Much of the stress we are feeling these days stems from fear, which puts us in a state of fight or flight. But remember that FEAR and HOPE cannot live in the same space. Making small shifts to master our mindset and developing a winning attitude can be the catalyst to profound change. 

BE INTENTIONAL. Consciously replace your negative thoughts with new, empowering ones. Remind yourself that the things you have complete control over are your mind and how you respond to challenges. 

BE PRESENT. Check in with yourself about what is real RIGHT NOW. Remind yourself that “today I am healthy, I am grateful for my home, my children, my friends, my clients and the opportunity to serve more people”. 

Step 2: Eliminate your energy drainers

Energy drainers are like white noise in the background of your mind. They create anxiety, increase your frustration level, and can cause us to behave in uncharacteristic and unproductive ways. Negative news, people, self-talk and self-defeating habits are passive intruders that can distract you from your focus. Recognize throughout the day when energy drainers pose a threat to your state of calm and consciously replace negative thinking with healthy affirmations like “I am healthy and strong”. Limit unwanted news, negative people, scarcity thinking and work on giving up self-defeating habits.

Step 3: Become a leader in your own life

Ask yourself how you can show up as your best self every day to support your family, your team, your clients, and your community. Envision yourself as a “go-giver”, rather than a go-getter, and redefine the value you offer others. 

Remind yourself that you are not alone – stay closely connected, ask for help and guidance, and continue to focus on serving the people you are leading with patience, compassion, empathy and understanding.

Step 4: Practice daily success habits & take care of you

It has never been more important to nurture your health and well-being. Discover ways to clear your mind, reduce anxiety, and honor your spirit every day. 

  • Establish a Morning Routine. Develop new daily habits. Exercise, journal, pray, meditate, read.
  • Engage in Physical Activity. Move your body 20 minutes per day 3-4 times per week and rejuvenate outside with fresh air.
  • Focus on Balanced Nutrition. Boost your immune system by eating a nutrient rich diet, getting enough sleep, and drinking more water.

Step 5: Create success habits for your virtual team

Striking a balance between getting things done and operating “business as usual” during a crisis may be the most challenging job of a leader. True leaders can boost morale and increase engagement and productivity by reminding employees of the importance of what they do every day and by expressing their gratitude for that work. 

Create clarity for your team by communicating the top 3 priorities each day. Use video conferencing platforms to stay connected and have a virtual huddle with your team weekly.

Acknowledge and show employees appreciation daily and remember to lead from a place of strength, not fear, to empower and inspire your team to be their best every day.

Incorporating these 5 simple steps daily will improve your overall sense of well-being, allow you to regain control of your life, and help you to let go of the things that no longer serve you so you can focus on what matters most.

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