Building Trusted Relationships

The challenge with the world today is that technology is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to building relationships.  Though it increases efficiency tenfold, it actually can become a crutch and a block from taking the time to build deep, trusted, and connected relationships with our clients, coworkers, business associates, family and friends.


My personal ‘relationship’ success has come from developing a mastery practice of relationship building.  If you adopt a mindset of abundance and servitude and remember to provide value at every point of interaction, it is possible to influence change through connected relationships and trust.  Relationships do not need to ‘happen’ to us or take years to create.  The key to building life relationships – built on trust – is about creating space, showing compassion, and being fully present.  It’s about paying attention and showing genuine interest in the people we are with. The next time you are at dinner with your family, or a meeting with a client, or even at a networking event, try the following suggestions and the results will speak for themselves.


The keys to creating trust in a relationship:


  1. Be present and focused on whom is in front of you.
  2. Be your authentic self.  Let them see the real you, not who you think they want you to be.
  3. Be genuinely interested in them. Ask questions and listen.
  4. Embrace their responses without judgment and with an open heart.
  5. Make eye contact. This establishes trust and confidence.
  6. Empower them by letting them know that they are in a “safe space.”
  7. Mirror their energy.  If they are excited, be excited.  If they are calm and subtle, be calm and subtle.  They are telling you how they need to be communicated with.
  8. In business, we’ve all heard of the “assumptive close”.  I always start with an “assumptive open”.  I assume I am their vendor of choice and you should too.  Create the vision from the first sentence with the assumption that you are their 1st choice vendor and lead from that space.

The people in our lives deserve our presence, our committed trust, our openness to their concerns and a very genuine compassion to serve them. Today, I am feeling so blessed for the relationships I’ve established over the years. I’ve always been a natural connector due to my genuine interest and curiosity about people’s lives and am grateful for the incredible opportunities I’ve had to connect with so many amazing humans. So I really never think about all the collective people I am in relationship with because I just love them as individuals. So today, I am feeling particularly blessed to know so many amazing people who inspire me with their contribution to the world. I am so grateful for my life, my relationships and the opportunities that life has to offer….and I hope that your relationships bring you the same expansive level of pure joy and fulfillment.


Committed to your success,

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