Go “From Chaos to Clarity” with My Online Program

Since I launched The Defining Difference in early 2014, I’ve been thrilled to connect with people from all over the world who are seeking ways to move out of overwhelm and connect with their greatest purpose, passion and prosperity.  People are rejecting the myth that overwhelm has to be the price we must pay for success. But again and again, I am asked, “How do I move from chaos to clarity and reclaim my life? I am so overwhelmed and disorganized.  I can’t even find time to think straight.”

So to help and assist my clients, I decided to share my own personal success strategies and build an online training program at The Defining Difference that would serve as a bridge to help others be as productive as possible and make small shifts to get them out of overwhelm and create more balance in their day. The experience of creating this online course has been truly inspiring for me personally and I’m so excited to announce that it is now available for you to take on demand – on your own time – anywhere in the world.

This simple, yet effective program provides you with a blueprint for managing your time and maximizing your productivity.  It contains a total of 7 modules – with practical tips and tools to help you move from merely getting through the day to reducing your stress, improving focus, and ultimately reclaiming valuable hours in your week.

This course features some powerful tools that I have developed over the past 20 years to drive my own successful career and I’ve shared my best tips, tools and strategies that I learned through my training, coaching, and in-depth interviews with leading experts in achievement and success. I am excited to help people transform their professional and personal lives and to help them reclaim hours in their day and, ultimately create more joy and passion in their life!  You can read more about it below and also check it out here… From Chaos to Clarity – How to Reclaim Your Life and Accelerate Your Results.

  • Prioritizing Your Day – exercises to overcome procrastination and prioritize your daily activities
  • Eliminate Your Energy Drainers – techniques to identify your energy drainers and free up some time and energy in order to create space to focus on the important things/people in your life
  • Spend More Time in Your “Genius Zone” – tap into how you are spending your time and tips on how to determine what tasks are not serving you and what you may need to let go of
  • Find 5 More Hours in Your Week – methods for making the best use of the time you have and tips to save you up to hours in your day
  • Time is Money – a simple, yet effective, daily exercise to ensure that you allocate time each day to hone your focus and align your actions towards income producing activities to deliver the financial results you desire
  • Practice Daily Success Rituals – a guide to jump-start your day with daily “wake-up” routines that build positive momentum
  • Mindful Success – simple mindful and meditation practices to help you quiet your mind to gain clarity and focus in your day. This is where the magic happens!

My simple techniques support you in making the small shifts, intentional choices, and the big bold leaps that will help you move from frazzled to focused.  It also teaches you about ways to recharge and rejuvenate yourself so you can move from overwhelmed to overjoyed!  Click here to learn more about this powerful program and to get started today!

To Your Success,

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