Change Your Mindset. Change Your Game.

John Maxwell once said, “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.  The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” 

Is there something that’s holding you back from reaching the success you desire? 

Succeeding in life and business is not always just about securing more clients or making more money. In fact, often times the level of our success is shaped more by the actions we intentionally choose to take on a daily basis than by the actual goals themselves.  In essence, our daily intentional choices and actions are actually what drive our life and business goals.

Consistency has a direct impact on our behavior, and our mindset is shaped from the internal dialogue that informs how we perceive and evaluate our worth, positively or negatively. Our attitude about mindset is directly tied to our daily intentional choices and actions.

Developing a “winning” mindset is about creating the frame of mind to set practical habits and keep a balance between trying to control the outcome and allowing yourself to step beyond your comfort zone. It does not happen overnight, but through mastering the power of intentional choice, we can begin to create the desired changes in our own lives.

Begin by asking yourself these 3 questions:

  • What stories are you telling yourself right now that inhibit your outrageous success?
  • What would you do if you could have, be, or do anything and knew you couldn’t fail and money was no object?  
  • Are there things you feel you should do or change, even though you may have dismissed such thoughts many times?  What are they? 

Your answers to these questions will provide some insight to where your mindset stands right now, and what shifts would have to begin to take place in order for you to achieve the life and success you deserve and desire. 

As you begin your journey to make positive, intentional shifts, here are a few things about developing a winning mindset that I wanted to share:

Get Clear on Your Why through Meditation

Challenging yourself to be still and listen to your inner guidance system can help you get clear on your purpose and calling. Meditation goes back well over 5,000 years, and the benefits of this practice are profound.


Meditation is a mental discipline that helps you to let go of your normal, reflective thinking and reactive mind so that a deeper state of awareness, insight, and relaxation can emerge.

The goal of meditation is to reach a higher state of consciousness, better focus and concentration, self-awareness, self-confidence, creativity, emotional and physical healing, and most importantly, stress reduction and relaxation. Meditation is profoundly beneficial for the body, mind and spirit.


We experience over 60,000 thoughts a day, and our mind jumps from one thought to another – it is familiar and natural, and we frequently revisit the same thoughts over and over again. 

However, when you start to meditate, you are able to calm your mind and open yourself up to new and exciting possibilities.

I have found meditation to be extremely helpful in keeping my stress and overwhelm in check and bringing more balance to my life. Meditation helps give me perspective, and I encourage you to experience the practice of meditation and open yourself to its potential for your life.


Set Goals That Make You Stretch

The golden rule to design your ideal life is to make intentional choices that are in alignment with your life’s purpose and vision. Setting goals and aligning action plans will help you create your life by design, rather than by default.

While staying in your comfort zone can result in consistent, steady performance, stepping beyond your comfort zone can create the conditions for optimal performance and success. Just a few small changes in your habits, mental attitude and daily routine can have an amazing impact on the way you experience life. 

It is never too late to rewrite your story. When you make the choice to consciously shake up your life and take deliberate risk for the sake of growth, amazing things can happen.


Despite Your Fears….Take Action!

Change does not just happen – you need to take daily actions steps to up-level your game and create the life you deserve and desire.  However, as most of us know, sometimes it can be very difficult to take that first step and commit to our goals.

The path towards our goals may not always run smoothly or easily, but successful people realize that failure is an important part of the learning process.  Hence, to achieve a life by design, we need to be willing to make mistakes, course-correct and keep moving forward toward our goals.

The key is to acknowledge our fears, and still make the decision to move forward despite our fears.  Without action, nothing happens, and you will stay in status quo. 

If you fast forward your life 10 years from now, and you are in exactly the same place then as you are now, would you be happy, satisfied and fulfilled?

Don’t allow yourself to become crippled by overplanning and overthinking: take action now! Get out there and don’t be afraid to fail – think of it as a process of trial and error.

Over time, taking risks for the sake of your own growth will become habitual for you. Test the waters and push yourself to work harder and get outside your comfort zone. Keep in mind that this attitude of mindset is not achieved overnight, but rather with a series of small intentional daily choices that can profoundly impact the trajectory of your future.

Be patient with yourself and continue to focus on your daily intentional choices and actions.  Before long, you will find that you are well on your way to mastering a winning mindset and living the life you deserve and desire.

There’s no time like the present to change your mindset and change your game!

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