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7 Strategies for Growing Your Production in a Changing Market


Are you committed to expanding your business and your life?

"For those looking to achieve the next level of mortgage success, Cindy Ertman is the woman to follow. Cindy is able to help each person identify their own unique gifts. She is the hero of her own life – both personally and professionally – and she is dedicated to teaching others how to make intentional choices to do the same."

JACK CANFIELD | Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

“Your presentation to our origination team during this year's annual sales summit left such a lasting impression on me that I knew I wanted to start this search by first having a conversation with you. There are very few people we meet in life that make such an impression but you came across as such an authentic and a true passion in helping people succeed. You were a true 'breath of fresh air' in this crazy journey of life. So, thank you for being you and sharing so much of yourself to make everyone better around you!”

TAMMI TERRY | Head of Corporate Recruiting | Open Mortgage

“We had Cindy host two events for us in 2019, our Chairman’s Club retreat and our Leadership Summit. Both events were hugely impactful. Cindy’s content was not only relevant, but a unique blend of professional and personal growth that left everyone better for attending. Cindy is not only a motivational speaker, but a true coach that puts to her training to work in an interactive way that builds connections in the group and left our organization stronger.”

Matt Clarke | COO, CFO, Churchill Mortgage

“I’ll never forget walking into one of the MME groups for the first time. Every single person was raving about how their lives changed forever. How Cindy has a special gift. How their production massively increased. How they found balance. I mean all of them had a story to share! I was blown away.”

RENE RODRIGUEZ | Keynote Speaker & CEO of Volentum

"Cindy Ertman is one of the great leaders. She’s a big thinker who can connect emotionally and intellectually with just about anyone and any audience — an overlooked skill that gives her an uncommon “X-factor". Cindy shares my strong conviction that understanding and empathizing with the dreams and long-term personal goals of clients is the key to providing quality service that wins trust and loyalty. She is leading the way to a new and different marketplace, one that rewards crystal clear vision and passion.”

DAVE SAVAGE | CEO, Mortgage Coach

"I increased my production by over 30% and closed over $100MM. My experience with Cindy Ertman has been a life-altering event. We focus not only on core business practices but the importance of life balance. I have increased my production by over 30% and have closed over $100MM in my first year coaching with Cindy. But more important is that I am working less hours, have become a true leader to my team, and have been able to identify my 'value' proposition for myself, my team, and my life."

MICHELE TOWN | Branch Manager, United American Mortgage

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