Platinum Private Coaching

Top-performing Mortgage Professionals say their secret to success is this Defining Difference:
Private Coaching

If you’re a branch manager, loan originator, regional leader, head of retail, or independent mortgage broker who needs to consistently grow your results (despite today’s highly volatile market), top-ranked mortgage pros will tell you there’s only one difference between high-performing producers and those who would like to be:

Private coaching.


  • By working with someone who’s already been successful at what you want to achieve…
  • By getting actionable strategies from a seasoned professional who’s producing right now in today’s higher rate environment…
  • By meeting regularly with a high performance mortgage coach who will hold you accountable to achieving your loftiest goals…

… you could actually begin performing beyond the benchmarks you’ve set for yourself and your team.

Meet the Head Coach
Cindy Ertman Introduces
Her High-Performance Team
America’s Most Influential Mortgage Leaders

You may have heard of Cindy Ertman. Before she began mentoring other mortgage professionals, she spent over a decade on Mortgage Originator Magazine’s list of Top 100 Mortgage Loan Originators—as well as five years on Mortgage Executive Magazine’s list of Top 100 Most Influential Mortgage Executives in America.

  • She built a team of 32 LOs, managed 65 employees
  • Grew her personal production to over $200M annually
  • Grew a small California branch with no market presence into 20 thriving branches in 10 years
  • Accomplished it all while creating a low-stress, seven-figure lifestyle for her family

Now Cindy’s assembled a team of equally seasoned professionals to coach you in the proven production strategies that improve profitability and build sustainable businesses in low-volume markets—plus give you the specific action steps that will accelerate your business or career.


Whether you need:

  • Technology upgrades
  • Marketing strategies that are recession-proof
  • Better qualified borrowers
  • Increased margins
  • Lower cost of production
  • The ability to compete with online lenders
  • Or simply more confidence to lead your origination team to success

. . . your private coach can help you put in place the systems and processes that will get you there. They’ll even help you enjoy your career again—and help you create the kind of work-life balance that’s exceptional for people at your level.

Get started working on a plan that’s 100% focused on YOU and your goals

Get Custom-Matched with a Coach Who Knows Your Revenue Model Thoroughly

During an in-depth strategy call, you’ll be matched with a coach who’s not only a top-performing mortgage executive, but someone who’s already put in place the systems and leadership practices you need to accomplish your goals.


In just 30 minutes by phone, one of Cindy’s advisory coaches will evaluate your current business, team, challenges and goals, and will help you identify one shift you can make—right now—to move you from where you are to where you want to be. In the strictest of confidence, you’ll be able to:

  • Discuss problem areas and learn corrective steps your coach can help you with
  • Share personnel issues including ways to transform your people into top-performers who work as a team
  • Discuss your overall work-life balance, discovering an inspiring new vision that seamlessly blends career performance with abundant downtime, exceptional relationships, and a family life that rocks

You can start this discussion right away by booking a free strategy call with one of Cindy’s friendly and knowledgeable advisory coaches.

Platinum Private Coaching

Book a Free Strategy Call and Tackle Your Most Immediate Challenges

When you book a call, one of Cindy’s advisory coaches will discuss the private coaching opportunity with you, help with answers to your most immediate challenges, then match you with a dedicated professional who can privately coach you through the detailed plans, critical decisions, and important shifts in mindset you need to grow your own brokerage business or lead your origination team to impressive results.

What do other mortgage professionals say about their private coaching experience with Cindy Ertman’s seasoned pros?

My coaching experience has been a life altering event. I increased my production by over 30% and closed over $100M in my first year. Today my production is in excess of $200M. I am working fewer hours, have become a true leader to my team, and have been able to identify my “value” proposition for myself, my team, and my life.


Branch Manager, United American Mortgage

I wanted to be coached by a top producer and someone who has a different take on coaching. Cindy is a force of nature, and she’s walked the walk. She doesn’t just focus on tactics. She also focuses on you the person: how to take care of yourself in a high-stress environment and still produce at a very high level. I have doubled my production and see it growing year after year.


Senior Loan Advisor, Fairway Independent Mortgage

It’s not about making more money. It’s about changing your life. It’s not about the things you do.  It’s about who you become. I’ve never known anybody who finds those trigger points that change somebody, [but] what I see Cindy do with people over and over is create those quantum changes. She changes who you are and takes you to the next level—not just as an originator, but as a person.


Digital Mortgage Marketer

Outstanding Growth.
Exceptional Lifestyle Upgrades.
Substantial Results Where It Really Counts.

Whether you manage a team of MLOs or you’re focused on building your own volume as an independent broker, you’ve got a lot on your mind. You know the world has changed from the low rates, qualified buyers, and easy closings of the past several years. You’ve seen competition from online lenders become intense. And now, rising rates and consumer debt mean cash-out refi’s are becoming a thing of the past.


But how much would your numbers improve if you could overcome these market realities with systems and strategies that have been proven to work—even in high-interest-rate environments? Instead of worrying about the market, you’d stay focused on:

  • Converting more leads to appointments
  • Increasing your loan origination
  • Lowering the cost of production
  • Attracting high-quality borrowers whose loans close with better margins 

It’s possible.


In fact, you can expect your private coach to guide you through creating an environment where exceptional numbers are the norm—even though the market seems tough out there. tough out there. 


Better Technology & Internal Systems

that improve the customer experience and help MLO’s handle more loans, too

Recession-Proof Marketing Strategies

that focus on loan origination from high quality borrowers

Smart Hiring in a Tight Market

including attracting MLO’s with their own existing book of business

Effective Team Development

that keeps your people focused on key numbers and goals that matter

But more than just your business, your private coach is also interested in YOU . . . the whole person . . . not only in your professional success, but in your overall enjoyment of life, too.


Do you get enough time off? How’s your family life these days? Are you tied to your work 24/7 with no chance to recharge or even focus on creating the optimum lifestyle you want?


Many of Cindy’s coaching clients who were overworked and depleted now enjoy an exceptional lifestyle that’s balanced, healthy and fun. If you’re not quite there yet, you and your coach will also work on creating a life outside the office that includes:

Double the Time Off

without stress or guilt (and with confidence your business is still well managed)

Family Relationships That Rock

as you leave the “tough stuff” at the office and refocus on those who matter most

Healthy Living & Self-Care

with plenty of time to hit the gym, get more sleep, and transform your body and mind for good

Friendships That Enrich Your Life

including adding quality friends and even joining others to pursue causes you care about

Platinum Private Coaching

Book a Free Strategy Call and Start Creating the Lifestyle Upgrades and Professional Results You Want

You’ll talk with one of Cindy’s friendly and knowledgeable advisory coaches about this private coaching opportunity, get help you with answers to your most immediate challenges, then learn more about the private coach who’ll guide you step-by-step through creating the impressive results you want.

Your Private Coaching Experience Will Include Everything You Need to Implement What You Learn

To ensure your investment in private coaching pays off in real transformation and sustainable revenue, Cindy includes exclusive tools and tutorials you can’t get anywhere else:

  • Twelve (12) pre-scheduled private coaching sessions with a dedicated coach over the next six months (50 minutes per session)
  • Comprehensive “First 90 Days” action plan to jump-start the transformation in your branch or business
  • Step-by-step tutorials for strategies your coach will recommend, including (where needed): sample marketing campaigns, easy-to-understand technology plans, even pre-written hiring strategies.
  • Best practices (including ready-to-use scripts) for getting continuous referrals from past clients, Realtors, financial planners, divorce attorneys, and commercial lenders with high-net-worth clients.
  • Partner and affiliate discounts… special “insider” pricing on industry-specific technology and management platforms to support your business.

Cindy even offers a monthly payment plan that makes it easy to begin working with your private coach on growing the volume and profitability of your branch or business.

You Could Soon Be Enjoying Personal and Professional Success Like This:

I was able to refine my recruiting efforts to grow my branch from 2 to 12 LOs in less than a year!

I think if I hadn’t made this investment in myself I’d still be doing the same old thing. I think we ask for change, we visualize it, but we don’t know how to really get there. Coaching with The Defining Difference truly helped me lay out the path in front of me and be held accountable to my goals.

RE Loan Originator / Sales
Financial Planners Credit Union

Today I’m up $20M over last year in a challenging market!

After 42 years in the mortgage business, I couldn’t break the $40M mark no matter what I did. Within the first year of coaching, my production increased to $58M. In the second year, I hit $132M, serving more than 700 families. Today I’m up $20M over last year in a challenging market!

[Cindy] has transformed my leadership, my business, and my life.

Mortgage Loan Officer
Texas Tech Credit Union


My life would not be anywhere close to where it is financially and I’ve seen a trajectory I never thought was possible.

I came to a point in my career where ‘I didn’t know what I didn’t know’. [My coach] helped me build a team so I could continue to grow. Now everyone is in place, happy, operating within their skill sets and we are humming like a well-oiled machine. I was also able to find work-life balance by setting clear non-negotiables.


Branch Partner
Alcova Mortgage

Kym Mason

I’ve elevated my leadership abilities. I’m now able to show up as the leader that I always wanted to be. It has influenced my branch results significantly in such a positive way – the way I show up for my LOs, how I lead them from the heart and help them become the best version of themselves. This has been the most valuable coaching I’ve ever received.


Area Manager
Cornerstone Home Lending


I’ve been in various coaching programs. TDD Coaching has taught me how to be intentional in my business and my personal life. Cindy teaches from the heart, putting the pieces together and helping you get to your ‘why’ faster. My coaching experience has taught me to be more grateful for all that I have, to be more present as a dad and husband, and a leader. It’s also taught me to aim higher in my goals, to remove limitations in my mindset and believe that my most ambitious goals are possible.


Producing Branch Manager,
Cherry Creek Mortgage

Had such a big impact on my life overall I feel more empowered to live my life and my dream with courage and I’m motivated to take on the world! Coaching with TDD has helped me find a new direction for my business. I have become a better leader with more vision, which has enabled me to hire better LOs and provide a better product for my clients.


Prime Mortgage

Platinum Private Coaching

Be Assured, Your Coach Is Leading Teams and Generating Revenue in the Mortgage Industry Every Single Day

When you hire a coach, you want to be confident that they’re not only experienced, but also current in their professional skills—particularly in volatile markets like today. That’s why Cindy’s coaching cadre includes many of the top-performing mortgage executives in the industry: proven professionals who are originating loans, leading teams, hiring and training, and helping branches and brokers increase their production year after year after year.


Your private coach will be selected to help you with your unique needs (based on a full assessment during your free strategy call).

Book a Free Strategy Call and Meet the Coach Who’ll Help You Create the Exceptional Income and Lifestyle You Want

Don’t wait to get started. Because these outstanding professionals are actively working in the mortgage industry right now—today—the hours they have available to coach are extremely limited. Booking a free strategy call is the only way to get matched with the coach who can best focus on your unique challenges and goals.

Don't Wait!

Cindy also knows that YOU have limited time, too. That’s why she’s honed the proven tools you’ll receive so you and your team can deploy these strategies immediately, ensuring your time is efficient and focused on the exact steps you need to take.


Of course, the first step is to book a free strategy call with an advisory coach to discuss private coaching, hone in on your most immediate challenges, then get your questions answered about the experienced mortgage professional who will coach you through creating the results you want.


Don’t wait. Six months from now—after 12 sessions of private coaching and key upgrades to your operation—Cindy knows you’ll be reporting better numbers, fewer gaps in your production levels, and a better lifestyle outside the office, too.

For those looking to achieve the next level of success, Cindy is the woman to follow. Cindy sees the golden essence in people and is able to help each person identify their unique gifts. She is a master at developing techniques and strategies on how to bring that gift forth in the world to move from a life of status quo to a life of greatness and purpose. Cindy is the hero of her own life – both personally and professionally – and she is dedicated to teaching others how to make intentional choices to do the same.


Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul
and The Success Principles

Jack Canfield
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